The University of São Paulo (USP) at São Carlos School of Engineering (EESC) has educated professionals for over 60 years. It offers 10 undergraduate Engineering courses, which provides enrollment for 490 students every year (Aeronautics Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical/Electronic Engineering, Electrical/Energy Systems and Automation Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronic Engineering, Mechanical Production Engineering and Materials and Manufacturing Engineering). There are over 200 teachers distributed in 9 departments, from which so far more than 8,600 professionals have graduated.


The São Carlos School of Engineering also offers 10 Graduate Programs in Engineering (Hydraulics and Sanitation Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Transport Engineering, Geotechnical, Structural Engineering, Engineering of Environmental Sciences and Production Engineering) and two inter-unit programs (Materials Science and Engineering and Bioengineering).


All programs offer master’s and doctoral degrees, and each year approximately 220 master’s and 90 PhD students receive their degrees in Engineering.


The São Carlos School of Engineering is a national reference in the Engineering and has contributed to the development of Brazilian society, with application and dissemination of science, technology and culture. Also aware of new global paradigms, has established actions of internationalization, with the completion of agreements with foreign institutions and implementing mobility programs.


Its infrastructure is comprised of laboratories, classrooms, library, computer centers, administrative buildings and support centers totaling over 71 thousand square feet of built area.


The EESC-USP has 2500 undergraduate students and 1200 graduate. It offers 10 undergraduate programs, nine graduate programs and over 100 lines of research.


Besides the EESC, the Campus São Carlos of USP has four other colleges in the areas of architecture and urbanism, mathematics and computing, physics and chemistry.


São Carlos is known as the Capital of Technology. It is a medium-sized city with 220 thousand inhabitants and it is located in the center of São Paulo State (235 km from the capital city).

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