Research areas


In the São Carlos School of Engineering the researchs are conected directly with the Departments, in the following areas:


          · Electrical Engineering


Research Groups:


Biocybernetics and Rehabilitation Engineering
Control and Power Electronics
Computational Analysis in Electric Power Systems
Industrial Automation
Intelligent Automation of Processes and Systems
Electric Machines and Electromechanic Conversion
Medical and Dentistry Image Analysis and Processing
Power System Analysis
Intelligent Systems
High Voltage
Computer Vision
Circuits and systems
Instrumentation and Microelectronics
Opthalmological Instrumentation
Signal Processing
Power Systems

          · Structural Engineering


Research Lines:


Concrete and masonry structures 
Wooden structures 
Metal structures 
Materials and mechanics of materials 
Mechanical structures 
Numerical methods

          · Aeronautics Engineering


Research Groups:

Dinamics and flight control
Aeronautical structures

          · Materials and Manufacturing Engineering


Research Laboratories:

Surface Engineering
Center for Mechanical Testing and Failure Analysis 
Phase transformation
Tribology and Means Cooling


          · Mechanical Engineering


Research Laboratories:

Thermal Engineering and Fluid
Computational and Applied Mechanics
Systems and Simulation
Composites and Tribology 
Precision Mechanics
Manufacturing Processes

          · Production Engineering


Research Groups:

Learning in Engineering - APRENDE
Architecture for Dynamic Networks - AR-C
Engineering and Management Life Cycle of Products - EGCV
Integrated Engineering - EI2
Organizational Studies of Small Businesses – GEOPE
Change Management and Organizational Improvement - GMMO
Quality Management and Change – GQM
Logistics, Organization and Systems Society - LOGOSS
Center for Advanced Manufacturing - NUMA
Manufacturing Process Optimization - OPF

          · Geotechnical Engineering


Research Laboratories:


Soil Mechanics
Environmental Geotechnics
Engineering Geology
Rock Mechanics 
*And also with a Field Experimental Foundations


          · Hydraulics and sanitation


Research Lines:

Air Pollution Control 
Transport Phenomena in Environmental Processes
Water Resources
Solid Waste
Environmental Sanitation
Water Treatment Supply
Wastewater Treatment
Applied climatology
Environmental chemistry
Environmental policy instruments
Environmental science applications
Industrial technology
Management and recovery of degraded ecosystems and areas
Planning and management of water resources
Disasters sociology


          · Transportation Engineering


Research Lines:


Infrastructure Transport

Geomatics and Transportation 
Planning and Operations





The EESC-USP has 2500 undergraduate students and 1200 graduate. It offers 10 undergraduate programs, nine graduate programs and over 100 lines of research.


Besides the EESC, the Campus São Carlos of USP has four other colleges in the areas of architecture and urbanism, mathematics and computing, physics and chemistry.


São Carlos is known as the Capital of Technology. It is a medium-sized city with 220 thousand inhabitants and it is located in the center of São Paulo State (235 km from the capital city).

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