Arriving in São Carlos

How to get to São Carlos


When you arrive in International Airport of Guarulhos, which is out of Sao Paulo City, you might go to Tiete Bus Station (Capital's bus station) where you can take a bus to São Carlos. There are basically two ways to get to Tiete Bus Station:


By Taxi

A more expensive service, but more comfortable and easier too. We suggest you buy the taxi ticket by previous payment at the company boxes located inside in the Airport hall, and only take the taxis that stay inside the airport areas. Taxi services cost nearly R$ 70 (US$ 35 or € 27).

You can check here the website from one of the companies that operate at the airport, the Guarucoop. 


By Bus

You can also choose to go by bus, a less expensive service. The Airport Bus Services is call Metropolitan Enterprise of Urban Transports (EMTU, in Portuguese). The bus stop local stays inside on the airport area, near the taxi's area. You find more informations and timetables in the company website.


When you arrive in the Capital´s Bus Station, you must find the bus companies Empresa Cruz or Viação Cometa, that have direct lines to São Carlos. The trip of 250 km lasts about 3 hours and costs approximately R$ 50 (US$ 25 or € 20).



Lodging and Health assistance


EESC don’t offer lodging services to foreign students but we have a data base of students interested in host foreign students called “sponsorship”. Before your arrival you may receive a contact of an EESC student that will help you to find a lodge. If it doesn´t happen, you can contact the International Cooperation Commission of EESC, CCInt-EESC ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ).

You can also check the local hotels list here.


The University don’t offer health assistance to foreign students. It’s recommend that you get a health insurance in your country and valid for your stay in Brazil.


Portuguese course


At the moment, USP São Carlos isn't offering portugueses course to foreign students. However, the São Carlos Federal University (UFSCar) has a Reference Center of Portuguese for Foreigners, that regularly offers this service. Please contact the center by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more informations.


Brazilian bank system


The brazilian bank system is easy to be used. Several banks have agencies or foreign partners that facilitating international transaction, like Banco do Brasil bank, Banco Real-ABN-Amro bank, HSBC bank, Santander bank and others. Services taxes may change from bank to bank. In São Carlos city a many of commercial establishments accept Visa and MasterCard Credit Card. Credit Cards like American Express, Diners, JCB and Discovers have less spread.


At USP São Carlos you can find bank agencies of Banco do Brasil and Santander.


How to open a Bank Account

You can open a student bank account and use while you are in Brasil. The following documents are required:

- RNE – National Registry of Foreigners

- Enrollment certificate

- Adress certificate: may be a water bill, light bill, phone bill, etc. (Something that prove where you are living.)

- CPF – Individual Taxpayer Registry


          • National Registry of Foreigners


After receiving the acceptance letter at EESC, you have to take your temporary permanence paper for foreigners, necessary for your long stay in Brazil, it has two steps and begins in your country.


In your country

In the Embassy of Brazil (or Consulate) in your country, you have to order a STUDENT TYPE 4 VISA. For that, you must have the Acceptance Letter sent by EESC, besides your passport, photos and other documents.

You will receive the Visa Application Form, to be delivered at Brazil’s Federal Police, when you take your National Registry of Foreigners (RNE, in Portuguese).


Important: Like in most countries, you can’t order a temporary stay visa for foreigners while you are in the destiny country with a different visa from Student Visa (tourist visa, business visa, and others, will not be accepted).

You need take, when you arrive in Brazil, the Student Visa Type 4, to order a Temporary Stay Visa for Foreigners

Attention: When you arrive in Brazil your passport must already have, at least, 1 year expiration.


In Brazil

At most 30 days after the arrival in Brazil you must go to a Brazilian Federal Police office to register yourself and to apply for a foreign person ID card. The registration system is the National Registry of Foreigners (RNE, in Portuguese). This document is needed to open a bank account and to perform any other activity that requires a confirmation of your stay in Brazil.


To get your RNE, you will need a Brazilian Temporary Visa of Type 1 (scholars) or Type 4 (student) which is obtained at a Brazilian Consulate in your home country. After this, the following steps must be undertaken:


1.Access the Federal Police web site below to fill out and print the personal form.


2.In the option GRU, enter your personal data: full name, address in Brazil (may be the address of the local USP CCInt), district, city, country, e-mail address, names of the mother and father.

2.2. In the "Unidade Arrecadadora", select "SP (102-3) Delegacia Federal de Araraquara / SP"

2.3. In the "Código da Receita STN" select "140082 – Registro de Estrangeiro."

2.4. Then click "Gerar Guia" and print.


3. Then you must fill in again the same GRU of Item 1 with the following modifications:

3.1. In the "Código da Receita" select "140120 – Carteira de Estrangeiro de 1ª Via".

3.2. Then click “Generate Guide” and print this other guide.

3.3. Pay the two tabs at any branch of any bank.


4 With the two paid guides from the Federal Police, you must go to the address below, It is recommended to wear discrete cloths (do not to wear shorts and t-shirts without sleeves), as this may prevent you to be received at the Federal Police office.


Brazilian Federal Police - Araraquara SP

Av. Maria Antonia Camargo Oliveira, 3013 - Vila Ferroviária (Via Expressa)

Fone: (0xx-16) 2108-5100

Fax: (0xx-16) 2108-5114

E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

From 9.00-11.30 a.m.

4.1. You must show the following documents:

• Application of DPF form (only in the area in red, just signed on the back) you must withdraw such a form at the Federal Police office;

• 2 recent standard 3x4 color photos, with white background and undated;

• Passport (or pass) valid and a notarized copy (except blank pages) of it. Make sure that your personal data, the passport number and expiration date, and your photo and the Brazilian Visa page (with the stamp and the date of entry in Brazil) have been photocopied and certified.

• The original sheet of the application for the consular Visa (Visa application form) obtained in your home country.

4.2. After having these documents checked, you should wait to have your fingerprints taken. You will receive a protocol which will serve as a proof of your legal status in our country. The official RNE card takes up to six months to get ready, but meanwhile you should always keep the protocol with you. To cerify your photocopies, the following Notaries are available in São Carlos:


Tabelionato Campos Porto, 1o. Tabelião

Rua Dona Alexandrina 958, Centro

Fone: (16) 3373 9000


Tabelionato Tombi, 2o. Tabelião

Rua Marechal Deodoro 2318, Centro,

Fone: (16) 2107 4000


          • Individual Taxpayer Registry


The Individual Taxpayer Registry (CPF, in Portuguese) is a document emitted by The Federal Revenue Bureau of Brazil and is commonly used at commercials transactions (opening bank accounts, phone purchase and various contracts).It’s not obligatory for your stay in Brazil, but it will be really useful, in special to whom will stay in Brazil for more than 6 months. Follow the instructions to order it:

1.Go to Banco do Brasil or Correios agency with a certified or the original copy of your RNE, or a ID document emitted in your country or emitted by your country embassy.

2.Order the inscription form on CPF and pay the required tax.

3.Wait a correspondence inviting you to go to a Secretariat of the Federal Revenue of Brazil to conclude the cadastre.


For more information visit here.







The EESC-USP has 2500 undergraduate students and 1200 graduate. It offers 10 undergraduate programs, nine graduate programs and over 100 lines of research.


Besides the EESC, the Campus São Carlos of USP has four other colleges in the areas of architecture and urbanism, mathematics and computing, physics and chemistry.


São Carlos is known as the Capital of Technology. It is a medium-sized city with 220 thousand inhabitants and it is located in the center of São Paulo State (235 km from the capital city).

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