São Carlos

Located in the geographical center of the State of São Paulo, the city of São Carlos possesses special characteristics that you/they turn a prominence place under several aspects. The suave climate, with annual medium temperature of 19,6 ºC, added to the medium altitudes between 800 and 1.000 meters, does of São Carlos a place very pleasant, curious geological formations and beautiful landscapes. 



The energy academic, technological and industrial checked to the city the title of Capital of the Technology. Their universities and research centers are recognized by the excellence and diversity. The University of São Paulo (USP) and the Federal University of São Carlos (UFSCar) they offer free teaching and of quality and they already incorporated to the history of their São Carlos contributions to the science and the professional training of thousands of students. The municipal district also bill with the Universidade Central Paulista (UNICEP) and the Faculdades Integradas de São Carlos (FADISC).



Reinforcing the character of pole of scientific and technological development, Embrapa (Brazilian Company of Agricultural Research) it maintains two centers of activities installed in the city: the Center of Research of Livestock of the Southeast and the National Center of Research and Development of Agricultural Instrumentation, producing up-to-the-minute technology in the areas of bovine genetic improvement and of development of agricultural equipments. Instituted in 1984, the ParqTec Foundation is another prominence point in this technological scenery. It is treated of a no-government organization without lucrative ends, that he/she has the objective of to manage and to promote the development of the Technological Pole of São Carlos, starting from the transfer of technology of the universities and centers of researches for the companies. 



Before the concentration of universities and centers of researches, São Carlos introduces great concentration of scientists and researchers: a researcher doctor (PhD) for each 180 inhabitants and a researcher for each 42 inhabitants.



Already the industrial activity is marked by the presence of great industries: Volkswagen (motors), Tecumseh (compressors), Faber Castell (pencil), Electrolux (refrigerators and stoves), besides textile companies, of packings, of machines, paints, washers, optical equipments and a great amount of medium and small industries of the most several production sections. They stand out the companies of technological base, resultants of the scientific and technological capacity installed in the city. The trade assists to the needs of the city and of the area, offering products and quality services. And the agricultural section is important in the production of milk, cane, orange, chicken, bovine meat and corn. São Carlos is also served by excellent highways, that allow the displacement with safety and speed to São Paulo (about 240 Km) and to the main cities of the State. (Fonte: Visite São Carlos)


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The EESC-USP has 2500 undergraduate students and 1200 graduate. It offers 10 undergraduate programs, nine graduate programs and over 100 lines of research.


Besides the EESC, the Campus São Carlos of USP has four other colleges in the areas of architecture and urbanism, mathematics and computing, physics and chemistry.


São Carlos is known as the Capital of Technology. It is a medium-sized city with 220 thousand inhabitants and it is located in the center of São Paulo State (235 km from the capital city).

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