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São Carlos is located in the central area of the State of São Paulo, 228 km from São Paulo, and about 800m from the ocean level. It stays in the southeast Brazilian region and has an enjoyable weather. São Carlos is known as the Technological Capital of the country and is benefited with highways that provide easy access to the capital and other regions.

The city offers one of the best brazilian levels in social services, education services, safety services, sewage treatment and employ.


Tourist Information Center


The mission of the Department of Fomentation to the Tourism is to develop the tourism as a maintainable economic activity, looking for the job generation and income. The department has as objectives to integrate the several government spheres, private section, community and third section in the control process, evaluation and decision of the local tourism, motivating the performance of Municipal Council of Tourism and the creation of Municipal Fund of Tourism.


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Opening hours: from Monday to Friday, from 8h to 18 h.

Adress: Street 13 de Maio, 2102- downtown.

Phone: (16) 3376-1306

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  




Theater Dr. Auderico Vieira Perdigão 

Adress: Street Sete de Setembro, 1735

Phone: (16) 3371-4339


Theater La Salle

Av. José Pereira Lopes , 252 - Vila Prado

Phone: (16) 3371-0121


Theater SESC

Adress: Av. Comendador Alfredo Maffei, 700.

Phone: (16) 3373-2333





Public Library Amadeu Amaral

Opening hours: from Monday to Friday, 8h to 20h

Address: 13 de Maio Street, 2000 – Downtown

Phone: (16) 3372-2471

Biblioteca Municipal "Alfredo Américo Hammar"

Opening hours: from Monday to Friday, 8h30 to 18h.

Adress: Street Ananias Evangelista of Toledo, 501 - Vila Prado

 Phone: (16) 3374-3084


Community Library - UNICEP

Opening hours: from Monday to Friday, 7h to 22h30, Saturdays and Sundays from 8h to 17h.

Campus I: Street Miguel Petroni, 5111

Phone: (16) 3307-2111.

Campus II: Street: Pedro Biachi, 111

Phone: (16) 3368-2111.


Community Library - UFSCar

Highway Washington Luís(SP-310), Km235 (area north Campus UFSCar)

Phone: (16) 3351-8133

Opening hours: from Monday to Friday, 8h to 19h. Saturdays from 8h to 14h.




Municipal Center of Afro-Brazilian Culture

Inaugurated in November 2006, Afro Conscious month, the Municipal Center of Afro-Brazilian Culture “Odette dos Santos” is a new cultural space to society. One of its goals is offer courses, lectures and others activities related to afro arts and culture. Options and projects are developed there, like Afrocine and Africanist Room, Hip-Hop Space and Arts Exhibition Room. The Center is a partnership with Center for Afro-Brazilians Studies.

Opening hours: from Tuesday to Friday, 13h to 20h. Saturdays from 13h to 18h. Sundays and holidays from 10h to 17h.

Adress: Street Alexandrine, 844 - corner with the Street 13 de maio - Center.

Phones: (16) 3371-8886 / (16) 3371-8936.


Culture Station

In an old Railroad Station of the city operates today a City Museum, the Pro-Memory Foundation, and also the Arts and Culture Department of City Hall.

Address: Antonio Prado Square, Downtown

Phone: (16) 3373-2700

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


SESC São Carlos

Non-profit entity that was created and is kept by commercial businessmen. For 50 years operating in the city, SESC São Carlos had its current headquarter inaugurated in 1996. It offers to society various theatric, musical, dancing and movie concerts, besides exhibitions, courses, workshops, recreational and sports activities.

Address: Comendador Alfredo Maffei Avenue, 700 – Jardim Gilbertoni

Phone: (16) 3373-2333


Museum Asas de um Sonho - TAM Museum

Opening hours: from Wednesday to Sunday, 10h to 16h besides holidays.

Adress: Road SP318 - KM249 (Road São Carlos - Ribeirão Preto)

Phone: (16) 3306-2020

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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Ecological Park “Dr. Antonio Teixeira Viana”

It’s one of the most enjoyable leisure areas of the region. When you visit it, you will get in touch with many animals, most of them living in similar environment to its habitats, like lakes, fields and forests. At Environmental

Center are celebrated courses, lectures and scientific meetings.

Operating hours: from Tuesday to Saturday, 8h to 16h30. Sunday from 8h to 17h30.

Address: Guilherme Scatena Municipal Road, km 2, beside UFSCar

Phone: (16) 3361-2429/ (16) 3361-4456


Bosque Santa Marta e Bosque Cambuí

In the Bosque Santa Marta they can be found jequitibá, peroba, jacaranda, copaíba, canela-yellows, canela-sassafrás, among others. To the side, it is located the Bosque Cambuí, a great area in recovery that counts with a trail with course of 1.500 appropriate m for environmental education.

Operation hours: from Monday to Friday, 8h to 23h.

Adress: Filomeno Rispoli, s/n - Sta. Marta, access through the street Miguel Petroni. Santa Marta Highway Washington Luis (SP - 310) Km 235


Track of Health

There are about 2,5km of track air free with indicative plates along the course to improve the income of the exercise and area for prolongation.

Adress:Highway Washington Luís (SP-310), km235.

Operation hours: from 8h to 17h.



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Useful phones


It’s always important have in hands some phones to be used in emergency cases. (Accessible numbers from any public or private phone, in any hour and free cost)

  • Police: 190
  • Ambulance: 192
  • Firefighting: 193


Other emergencies numbers

  • Campus Safety: (16) 3373-0889 or (16) 3373-9112

Important: To make charging calls in Brazil, dial 9090 before the phone number.



The EESC-USP has 2500 undergraduate students and 1200 graduate. It offers 10 undergraduate programs, nine graduate programs and over 100 lines of research.


Besides the EESC, the Campus São Carlos of USP has four other colleges in the areas of architecture and urbanism, mathematics and computing, physics and chemistry.


São Carlos is known as the Capital of Technology. It is a medium-sized city with 220 thousand inhabitants and it is located in the center of São Paulo State (235 km from the capital city).

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University of São Paulo (USP) at São Carlos School of Engineering